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Empowering Lives,
Building their futures

With your support, we’re fostering a future where every individual has a place to call home. Be a part of this transformative journey.

Creating a World of Opportunities

Offering universal access to education, resources, and breaking poverty cycles.

Home is where the Heart is

Providing Water and Homes to Orphans, Widows and the Most Vulnerable.

Zakat: Purify your Wealth

Pay your Religious Dues

Uniting Souls

Nikkah for Orphans & the Vulnerable


Welcoming a New Blessing

Foundations of Faith

Masjid Developement Project

When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.

– Sahih Muslim

Tackling Poverty

Our Plan for a Brighter Future and Empowerment for All.

Why Tackle Poverty

Poverty transcends borders, impacting communities, nations, and continents. We aim to uplift lives and promote global prosperity, fostering a fair and interconnected world.

Power of Sadaqah Jariyah

Embodies the idea that our actions today can continue to benefit others long into the future. You’re not just providing immediate relief; you’re sowing the seeds of lasting change.

Let’s Make a Real Impact

Become part of a movement for positive change and break the cycle of poverty and cultivate positive change, that cultivates future flourishing communities.

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