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Donations Policy

What is Seeds of Sadaqah’s donations policy?
We understand the importance we have with donations generated through fundraising and that we must be responsible, accountable, and fully transparent. As such Seeds of Sadaqah is committed to an ethical donation policy, ensuring that the majority of your donations are spent in direct aid.

With your Sadaqah and Zakat, we strive to deliver aid in the most efficient way. However, all of our projects come with unavoidable administrative costs. This includes activities such as fundraising, governance, and support, which are essential to the completion of our campaigns and projects.

How is your Sadaqah delivered?
Seeds of Sadaqah plans to spend 10% of your Sadaqah donation to meet the administrative costs. In other words, for every £1 you donate, we plan to spend up to 10 pence on administration. By supporting Seeds of Sadaqah through our ethical approach you are inevitably facilitating our efforts to deliver, provide and implement campaigns in which the most needy benefit the most.

This allows us to use your donation more effectively to transform the lives of communities, families, and individuals around the world.

How is your Zakat delivered?
Seeds of Sadaqah do not allocate any administrative costs for donations made with the intention of Zakat. This ensures that 100% of your Zakat will be received by those eligible in the form of education, health, shelter, food, security, or nutrition. We request an optional donation to our administration fund to help us deliver your Zakat more effectively.

Seeds of Sadaqah endeavour to spend your Zakat within the financial year, however should any unforeseen circumstances occur, due to working in harsh conditions, this may delay spending Zakat within the allocated time frame. The donor’s obligation of Zakat is fulfilled when they donate and will not be accountable for delay of delivery.

How do we manage our delivery costs?
At Seeds of Sadaqah, we constantly seek to reduce the delivery cost of our projects. To achieve this, we are actively developing new income sources, which includes:
– Encouraging direct donations to our administration fund.
– Generating income through trading activities. For example, selling merchandise physically and digitally.
– Applying for grants from various organisations, trusts, and corporate sponsors.
– Reclaiming tax under the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme.

Gift Aid allows eligible taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%, and Seeds of Sadaqah will allocate this additional money to our administration fund.

What happens with excess funds?
After a project has been completed, any residual or future funds will be allocated to a general fund of a similar project or country.

What happens if a project cannot be completed?
If a project cannot be completed, any residual or future funds will be allocated to a general fund of a similar project or country.

How is the impact of your donations measured?
We base our project delivery to meet the expectations set by SPHERE standards. Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene Promotion (WASH), Food Security & Nutrition, Shelter & Settlement and Health. We measure impact based on effective humanitarian responses and address needs holistically. We work to identify immediate needs and prioritise activities that will address these.

Seeds of Sadaqah regularly sits with local Islamic Scholars to ensure that we regularly check that all our projects meet the correct application of your Sadaqah and Zakat.